Hooligan Jack-Ass Chair

Hooligan Jack-Ass Chair


By Alexei Ford

We use only the finest woods for our products. Our Hooligan chair and Hooligan table were engineered to be light and durable and are constructed from a beautiful combination of premium woods each specifically chosen to serve a different purpose in construction.

The legs and back rails of our Hooligan chair are crafted from vertical grain Douglas fir, the seat slats are of premium clear red cedar and the structural cross supports are durable white oak. The chairs are portable sized, measuring 14.5" across, 21" high, and 24" deep when open. They collapse to 14".5 across, 27" tall and just 2.5" deep.

Our Hooligan and Cypress chairs work great on their own, but set one of our tables between two chairs and you have two convenient drink holders and a place to set a book, tackle box or a snack. We invented our table to fit right inside our chair, adds nothing to its folded size and adds just ounces to the overall weight. Together, the chair and table, folded flat for storage, are less than 2 ½” thick!

Jackass Chairs are beautiful, comfortable, durable and very portable. There is no other portable wood seating built to this standard. Our products resonate with a genuine quality and craftsmanship of a bygone era. We build the furniture in our shop in Bellingham, our beautiful coastal town in Washington State, right here in the U.S.A.. The materials we have selected for our furniture; the premium woods, the 100% silicon bronze fasteners and the Sunbrella fabric used for the seat backs each have a long tradition of use in the Pacific Northwest boat building industry and are all renowned for their beauty and durability.

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